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What is Your Favourite Seasonal Produce

Posted @ Aug 1st 2018 1:11pm - By Chef Express
2015 10 09 17

Cooking with seasonal produce can be cheaper, cut down of food miles, offer access to fresher produce and best of all give you some inspiration and focus in a sea of infinite options.We asked some of our temp chef team members what their favourite seasonal produce is.

Scott:  Ruby Red Grapefruit
It has such a unique taste and is amazing to look at. My go to recipe when I have them on hand is pan seared Mahi-Mahi fillet served with a ruby red grapefruit and fennel salad.

Chris: Pomegranate
Pomegranate is really nice and bright and adds great colour to a dish. You can add it to a salad or make a nice sauce with it.  

Jeremy: I love spring produce
There are new sprouts, spring garlic, stinging nettles and pine needles. There is so much variety and they create such and intense flavour. In spring I love to make a rosemary flower ice cream.

Sally: Mango
Oh how I love mango. Beautiful and sweet it is wonderful in smoothies with passionfruit and orange or made into sorbet. To enjoy it in the cooler months it is great preserved and pickled and served with a spicy curry in winter.

Adam: Fennel
Fennel is like the ugly step sister for vegetables but sliced and well baked with olive oil and an sprinkling of fennel seeds, it is sensational.

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