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Kitchen Gardens

Posted in Kitchen Garden at 19 May, 2016
Herb Box 2

While we all expect the freshest quality of our herbs from our kitchen suppliers, it is all too often not the case and can be rather disappointing when a limp bunch of flat leaf parsley or coriander is delivered. The solution; grow your own.......

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Strawberry Season

Posted in Kitchen Garden at 15 September, 2014
2014 08 23 14

Strawberry season is well and truly underway. Strawberries make a great sweet fruity treat. Eat them on their own, as part of a fruit skewer, dipped in chocolate or try these strawberry mice out to get kids eating them by the hand full.......

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Spicy Chicken Broth

Posted in Kitchen Garden at 14 August, 2014
2014 08 10 15

Add seasonal chilli to make a spicy chicken broth....

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Getting Started

Posted in Kitchen Garden at 15 January, 2014
2013 04 24 19

Having a kitchen garden to can be so rewarding. You don't need a lot to get started; a pot, some nice soil and a few seedlings (a bit of a cheat, but easier to get success). Herbs are an awesome basic to start with that you can use every day.......

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How to make a cheese board look good

Posted in Kitchen Garden at 15 March, 2013
2013 03 07 15

Make your cheese board look good with angles, height and fruit....

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