I recently attended a wedding that had a really simple non-alcoholic punch on offer.  I admit that my opinion of fruit punch has always been a great idea for kid’s parties and that is about it.

After seeing how popular this simple little gem was on a hot day, I have changed my mind. Combining these ingredients with ice and serving them in a clear glass dispenser with a cute little tap made this punch 100 times more elegant than a large fly attracting frosted plastic bowl and dodgey ladle.

I did catch the odd lady topping up her punch with Champaign or sav blanc, showing that with punch pretty much anything goes.


If you don’t mind spirits in your drink, tip a little in your glass and top up with punch rather than making the whole bowl alcoholic.

Add mint for a fresh zing.


500ml cold brewed tea

1.25L ginger ale

1.25L lemonade

1L tropical fruit punch

1 lemon sliced

2 limes sliced

200g glace cherries

Lots of ice