This is a great idea for kitchen made Christmas craft. It is a nifty present or table decoration.
It is a little bit messy, but with no knives or cooking involved it is kid friendly.


Ice cream cones
Icing sugar
Mint leaves


  • Mix icing sugar and water to create an icing paste.
  • Put a thick coating on a regular ice cream cone.
  • With the ice cream cone sitting upside down on the bench stick the mint leaves around the bottom of the cone.
  • Work your way up the cone, layer by layer until you reach the top.
  • You could also try white chocolate for sticking on the mint leaves, or replace the mint leaves with freckles.

To avoid messy bench tops work on top of a baking trey or tea towel.
To hide any messy drips sprinkle the finished product with 100's and 1000's