At Chef Express we pride ourselves on providing quality chefs. Our chefs are chosen for their skill, attitude and presentation.

Working as a contract chef is quite challenging, but walking into a new kitchen not knowing the situation can be exciting.  An essential skill for a quality chef, is organisation.  If you are organised you are calm and can take on all other challenges.

A few tips to get the best from your contract chef

  1. Site briefing:  Where to go, where not to go, toilets, first aid and fire exit.
  2. Kitchen briefing:  Location of specific cool rooms, freezers, pots, pans, chopping boards and where exactly you would like your chef to work.
  3. Daily or specific event briefing:  What is the goal for the day?

●  Service

●  Prep a function

●  Serve a function or something completely different

       4. Written prep list/cooking list:  Outline each item including quantity, how it should be prepped/cooked, where it goes when finished and how it should be labelled and stored.

Our chefs have learned to ask a lot of questions so the product result is the one you desire. Following these steps will help you get the best from your chef.

If there are things you think we need to add to this sheet on how to get the best from your contract chefs please email them through to