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Mulberry Season, Time for Mulberry Pie

Posted at 17 October, 2018
2018 10 08 18

I do love season produce and right now mulberries are in season. Why not whip up a fresh picked mulberry, mulberry pie....

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Oh how I love strawberries!

Posted at 25 September, 2018

Oh how I love strawberry season and right now they are cheaper than ever. Here are some ideas of what to do with cut or pureed strawberries....

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What is Your Favourite Seasonal Produce

Posted at 01 August, 2018
2015 10 09 17

Cooking with seasonal produce can be cheaper, cut down of food miles, offer access to fresher produce and best of all give you some inspiration and focus in a sea of infinite options.We asked some of our temp chef team members what their favourite seasona...

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Never be afraid to be strong. Strength is a beautiful trait.

Posted at 07 March, 2018
Johanna Sword Fish

Chef Johanna loves to prove she is no pushover in the kitchen. "Never be afraid to be strong. Strength is a beautiful trait." International Women's Week...

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Listen! Live it! And Love it! International Women's Week

Posted at 28 February, 2018
Lara Cutting Small

This week at Chef Express we are celebrating the amazing women that make up our team. Lara is strong willed, independent and a keen learner making her an amazing member of our team. Lara's words of advice. "Listen! Live it! And Love it!"...

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International Woman's Day

Posted at 08 March, 2017
Malcom Turnbull Sally Gleaves Bert Van Mannen 2

Chef Express is a thriving contract chef provider proudly operated by a female leader....

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Getting the best from your contract chef

Posted at 16 August, 2016

Here are a few tips on how to get the best from your Chef Express contract chef/...

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Kitchen Gardens

Posted in Kitchen Garden at 19 May, 2016
Herb Box 2

While we all expect the freshest quality of our herbs from our kitchen suppliers, it is all too often not the case and can be rather disappointing when a limp bunch of flat leaf parsley or coriander is delivered. The solution; grow your own.......

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Edible Flowers

Posted in Chef Express at 20 April, 2016
2015 10 12 18

What a great way to take your dish to a new level. Edible flowers are now recognised as a fantastic form of garnish from salads, desserts, main course and drinks.......

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International Women's day

Posted at 08 March, 2016
Chef Express Sally And Harper Web 2

Co-Directed and managed by a woman, Chef Express is proud to support International Woman's Day....

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